Johnston Community College is now home to close-quarter shoot house that will provide real-life firearms training for law enforcement students and sworn officers.

Located on the College’s remote Howell Woods Environmental Learning Center, the 1,800-square foot multi-room facility is constructed with bullet absorbing concrete to allow for live-fire training exercises.

Steven Godwin, director of law enforcement programs at JCC, said the shoot house will allow the College to offer better and more firearms training.

“We are so excited about this new training opportunity,” Godwin said. “We will be light years ahead of what community colleges have in regards to firearms training facilities.

“This will open up new opportunities to develop new classes we don’t currently offer and it will allow us to incorporate movement with our firearms training which is so important for law enforcement officers today,” he added.

JCC offers a variety of training courses for law enforcement agencies. Godwin said the shoot house will allow officers to practice mock exercises, like a hostage standoff, as well as use distraction devices like flashbangs.

“We hope to host a SWAT competition in the future, and we are looking at developing new courses like close-quarter combat techniques, house-clearing techniques, basic SWAT, advanced SWAT and training at all levels whether it’s for a patrol officer or tactical teams.”

The shoot house was paid for with a $200,000 gift from Donnie and Linda Lassiter. A ribbon cutting to celebrate the new facility is planned for June.  

For more information about the use of the facility, contact Steven Godwin at (919) 464-2362 or